Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Neck of the Woods

Hello! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Our weather was simply gorgeous, upper 50s and sunny! We could not order more perfect weather.

As some of you may know I started a new job on Wednesday. It has been exciting. I have been going through some training and my colleagues have really welcomed me into the fold. I have taken such a liking to them, they are so upbeat, supportive, and they care about one another. I know I will be happy here.

On another note we finally are seeing sign of spring. My tulips are starting to make an appearance and the crocuses are finally here. You know I honestly had my doubts that the signs of spring may never come. 

 Whew! I do believe that winter is finally over.... good riddance!

On Thursday, the Hubby, Otis, and I we able to enjoy a wonderful evening walk. It's a special time of day, after dinner when the day is winding down, when all we heard was the sound of the birds chirping. Otis had a great time sniffing around and the Hubby and I got to talk about our day. (Well I did most of the talking... telling him all about my new job) 

We even caught an amazing sunset.
How lucky can one person be?

To finish out the weekend I got some snuggling in on the couch with this little fellow...

After some good amount of snuggling (him completely passed out on my lap), I had to get up to start dinner (side note: we had fried dough, oh my, it was so yummy). By me having to move, I woke him up from his Sunday nap. Look at that puss, it has annoyance written all over it. 

But he changed his tune once he realized Mommy was cooking dinner, happy dance!

So that is what has been happening in our neck of the woods.

              See you soon!

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