Monday, April 6, 2015

Evening Walk

Hello Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Holiday.

We spent Easter with my Hubby's Mom and Sister. It was a pleasant afternoon. We got to visit, have a delicious dinner, and Otis and his cousin Scout got to play a little.

This weekend I took this random picture of Otis. It is of him and his favorite toys.
The toy between his paws is a bag that has a motion sensor ball in it, so when he moves it, it starts bouncing and barking. He just loves it, he continually carries it around, up and down the stairs. Sometime he leaves it right where you need to walk and if you are not careful you end up kicking it and setting if off, scaring the dickens out of you.

Saturday was such a beautiful day here, tho a little windy during the day. We took advantage and went for an evening stroll as the sun was setting. We had a great time the 3 of us, Otis could not get in enough sniffing. The Hubby and I searched for signs of spring. We saw a few of our neighbors have crocus and daffodils popping up. I am sure mine will start to appear soon.

As we were walking I as able to capture a couple of pictures of the sunset through the reeds.

In this one, on the left, you can just about see the lighthouse.

And I got this one just before the sun went over the horizon.
It is such a great time of day, so peaceful, our favorite time to go for a stroll.

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Beautiful photos.

    Where can I find a toy like Otis's for my Lulu?

  2. Otis is one lucky pooch Luanne! That toy sounds like so much fun, I think I want one and no, I don't have a dog ;).

    Beautiful fav time of day,