Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumn Mason Jar Crafting

Hi All! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Today I have another mason jar craft project for you. As I have mentioned before, I love mason jars and their versatility, see how I created jack-o-lantern mason jars here. This one today is easy peasy and can be used as part of your autumn decor. It will only take you 10 minutes to create. 

Here is what you'll need:
  • Mason Jar(s)
  • 2 different widths ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Decoration of your choice 

I first wrapped the thicker ribbon around the center of the mason jar and secured it with my glue gun. Then I took the thinner ribbon, wrapped it around the jar in the center of the other ribbon, and secured it with my glue gun. Then I added the decoration. I used a small cranberry sprig. 

See easy peasy. You can now add a flameless candle or fill with goodies.

Stay tuned to see how I use it in my home decor. 

Have a great week!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday's Fancy

My Favorite Time of Year... Fall!

Have you started decorating? I have been adding little touches here and there.
Stay tuned for a full blog post on what I've done.

Have a fall-tastic weekend!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nothing Says Fall Like Apple Picking!

This weekend we spend a great Sunday with our good friend and her son at Lyman Orchards. The weather was perfect, absolutely fall like. The orchard is owned and operated by the Lyman Family since 1741, Lyman Orchards is recognized as the twelfth oldest family-owned business in America. We started with breakfast on the deck that over looked the property and pond. 

After our belly's were full of delicious pancakes we ventured into the corn maze. This years theme, The British Invasion Corn Maze, salutes the legendary bands of the 1960s! Here are some stats on the maze:
   • 4-acre maze
   • 2 miles of pathways
   • Challenging design
   • Fun trivia questions 
Did we get lost? Maybe just a little, but we had an amazing time and met some great people along the way! The cool thing is $1.00 of every admission is donated to the American Cancer Society. 

Next we did a little shopping in their unique market! The enticing aroma of fresh baked products fills the market all day long. From fresh pies, to apple cider donuts, muffins, cookies, breads, pastries, and more are made in their Farm Kitchen Bakery. Now you know we had to come home with some goodies like homemade jams, fudge, cheddar cheese, and of course apple crisp from the bakery... Hmmmmmm! 

We loaded up the car with our goodies and headed to the pick-your-own part of the orchard. First we picked some apples (macoun, they are my favorite). My girlfriend's son got so excited when he spotting an apple, I have to say we all got pretty excited

Next we headed down the road and picked peaches, the last of the season. These were a little harder to find but we did. 

We visited the pumpkin patch, just to take a few pictures. We plan to pick our pumpkins later in the season. 

The property is so beautiful, with lot of rolling hills. I took this picture from where we picked peaches on top of one of the hills. What a fantastic day! We vowed to make this a tradition. 

What are your favorite falls events?

Hooray it's fall!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Crafting with Milk Bottles

Hi Friends! Today I have a fun and easy project for you.

I love strolling around a craft store. I find myself there at least once a week. I can spend hours strolling the aisles, there are so many wonderful creative things to be found. We'll to my excitement I read that a new Hobby Lobby store will be opening up in the town near I work (there is already one in the town I live in). I am so excited by this news, though I can't say my hubby is, you see, my lunch hours will never be the same! On one particular stroll thought the aisles of Michaels I came across these milk bottles.

They are so cute they had to come with me. Now you know I love mason jars for decorating (read it here), I wondered could this be the next new thing? 

Here is what I did with them. Using my DecoArt Americana Chalk Paint, I mixed Romance with a little nit of Relic to make a deep red color. 

I taped off the bottle just bellow the neck using frog Tape. 

Then I took my dubber and using the red I painted the bottom half of the bottle. 

I removed the tape before to was completely dry. Then I set them aside to dry thoroughly. 

Once dried I added some twine cord along the top rim and a wooden button. To finish sprayed them with satin enamel to protect the paint. Aren't they just adorable? 

Have you found these little milk bottles in your craft store? If so how have you used them? 

Happy crafting