Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday's Fancy

I came across this quote on Pinterest and I instantly thought of my Hubby.

"We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone 
whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and
fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."
~ Dr. Seuss 

He is the one that got such a kick out of me seeing Tigger for the first time 
and hugging him so hard I practically popping his head off 
(He mentioned afterward he thought he heard the person in the costume go "UGH")
He is the one that makes me laugh so hard I cry
He is the one that calms me down when I am fretting
He is the one that laughs at all my crazy quirks
He is the one that protects my heart above all
He is the one that fell in love me (all of me)

For this I am truly blessed

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Adding Warm Fall Touches to the Mantle

Hi All! I hope your week is going smoothly. The Hubby and I did some yard work this weekend. Even though we live in a condo I always like to straighten up and decorate my front yard. I am not an avid gardener so my body is still recuperating. In a later post I will show you how the front yard turned out.

Today's post is about how I love to decorate my mantle according to the season. Tho, when you work full-time it can be hard to find the time. With not having much storage in a condo, it is hard to keep lots of season specific items on hand. I have come to realize you don't have to go crazy redecorating to add a touch of fall to your mantle. Keep it simple, with just a few touches you can have a spectacular fall mantle display.

Here is what I did. 

I basically left everything I had on my mantle except for a wooden sign (center) and the flowers in my bucket (left)


The small sign in the center of the mantle was replaced with a metal pumpkin that I have had for a few years.

The white flowers in the bucket were swap with mums and wheat grass. (Bucket was a score from the Dollar Tree in the spring which I use a lot in decorating)

The lantern, a purchase from Pier 1, and the 2 red candles I had on hand. The ball and pillar I made by wrapping twine around a Styrofoam ball and a Styrofoam cylinder

Next, I added a garland of fall leaves that was weaved through the items on my mantle. Last but not least I added a wreath to my mirror. 

See, simple touches for a high impact fall mantle.
 What touches do you add to your home when decorating for fall?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Return of the Pumpkin People

October brings the Return of the Pumpkin People to the town of Jackson and North Conway, N.H. This annual, fall celebration is celebrating its 27th year which features area businesses and residents going beyond the standard jack-o-lantern, by creating pumpkin characters based on popular culture, literature, and seasonal themes. It is a local tradition and contest to create Pumpkin People with a pumpkin for its head and body like a scarecrow. It is a self-guided tour that takes you to participating locations throughout Jackson and surrounding towns in Mount Washington Valley. There are nearly 75 participating businesses and organizations all of which create some amazing displays. This event runs from October 1st – 31st. 

Can I just say “WOW!” the creativity of some of the business was outstanding. The Hubby and I had a fantastic time looking for the Pumpkin People. In the town of Jackson we were able to walk the small town, as most of the businesses participated. Even when we had to drive to the next location it was great because the scenery around us was spectacular. If you happen to be in the area during October it is so worth a visit.

Come tour the Pumpkin People with us...

This Little Piggy by Design Bungalow

Rapunzel by Divinity Salon

Don't Feed the Bears by Badger Reality

Caddy Shack by North Conway Country Club
Second Place Business Conway Area

Cinderella's Ice Bucket Challenge by Story Land

I used to watch this show every year as a kid, nothing said Christmas is coming...
Charlie Brown Christmas by Snowflake Inn

Flossie's Sugar Shack by Flossie General Store

 This was beautiful and had us pause and reflect on a man's life...
Robin Williams Remembered by Nordic Village Resort
Third Place Business Area Jackson

A Christmas Carol by S'kimos Ski Club
Third Place Business Area Jackson

 OK, this one I did a dance when I saw it. It is my all time favorite Christmas show...
A Christmas Story - Part 1 by Christmas Farm Inn & Spa
Second Place Business Area Jackson

A Christmas Story - Part 2 by Christmas Farm Inn & Spa
Second Place Business Area Jackson

The next one, tho morbid, was amazing. The detail and set design really showed the hard work they put into it.
Funeral for the Old Man in the Mountains by Jackson Historical Society
First Place Business Jackson Area

Take Me to Your Innkeeper by Inn at Jackson
Overall Business Winner All Communities

 Now this one was a little risque...
Pole Dancer by local Gas Station

 This one won Funniest, we though it was hysterical but a little disturbing....
Where Pumpkin Pies Come From by Parkaview House
Funniest Jackson Area

Well I hope you enjoyed our tour of the Return of the Pumpkin People as much as we did. 
Tho, now I feel like my undecorated pumpkins are pretty lame... lol

Have a great week!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday's Fancy

Autumn Rain

There is something magical about the autumn rain. Maybe it's the way the rain hits the leaves making them dance or the hypnotic rustling sound like the beat of a song. I enjoy the way autumn rain gives you permission to stay inside and relax. 

“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain.” 
 ~ Vivian Greene 

Have a wonderful weekend!