Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Garden

Hi Everyone:

It seems like the summer is zipping by. Even though fall is my favorite time of year, I do love when my garden is in full bloom.

Our tomatoes are growing wonderfully. We were able to pick one and it was delicious.

The others are slowly growing. We look anxiously everyday to see if we can pick one. Not yet, hopefully soon.

Aren't they looking great!!!  Oh, the tastes of summer...

I planted a variety of flowers this year petunias, inpatients, begonias, and others I can remember their names. We have day lilies that come back every year. I just love them, no fuss, no muss, they just look beautiful year after year.

Below are a few close-up of my blooms this year...

I have to say, those blooms make me smile everyday, especially when I come home from work and these are what greet me along my walkway. Then my heart overflows as I enter my home and there are by my beloved Hubby and Otis. They just make my heart swell.

Hope the summer is treating you good. I cannot believe it is August already...
What has the summer had in store for you thus far?

            Enjoy the week!

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  1. Hi Luann! I tried to visit you a couple of times, but received a 404 error page. I thought something happened and maybe you shut down your blog :(.

    Summer is indeed zipping by! Every time I see tomatoes, I think 'it must be August'. Your flowers look lovely!