Tuesday, August 18, 2015

a Day at a Festival

Hello Friends! I hope you enjoyed your weekend! The Hubby and I had a very laid back weekend. We are in for a week of humidity, so there is no turning off the air conditioner in sight.

Last weekend the Hubby and I went to the North Branford Baked Potato and Roasted Corn Festival. It is in its 14th year and brings tens of thousands of visitors, over four days, to the typically sleepy farm town.

Emerging, almost overnight in a hay field at the former Augur Farm on Rt. 22, is a gathering of dozens of food vendors, craft vendors, a midway with rides, potato sack races, corn shucking contests, tractor pulls and a classic car show. There are local and far flung bands that perform and a spectacular fireworks display on Saturday night. And of course, there are plenty of baked potatoes and roasted corn.

As we entered the fair we were greeted by a display from local garden center, Van Wilgens.

First order of business, check out the food vendors. It's why you go to a fair, isn't it?

I instantly spotted this little grilled cheese stand called Monster Mouse Grillhouse.
This was the first stop where we enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich with fresh tomatoes and fried pickles. What a great way to start off the fair! (this was our pre-lunch snack... lol!)

With our bellies full (for the moment), we set off to catch the tractor pull competition. But first they had to prep the field. Bring on the back-hoe.

 Now for the tractors...
This boy was only 13 years old and drove a tractor better than most people drive cars.

We then headed out on a hay ride. What a gorgeous day, slight breezy and the field was beautiful. We even passed over a small brook.

Now it was time for lunch and a fresh squeezed lemonade.

We got our lunch from this place called Chompers...

Yes, you read it correctly... Crunchy balls of goodness!!!  And they were.

Ours was filled with bacon cheeseburger and came with a kickin ketchup. They were fabulous!!

We took a stroll through the midway rides. These kids were having a blast.

There were many local artisans with an array of crafted items for sale that we checked out. 

Of course we could not leave the fair without taking home a little goodie.

Oh YUM!!!!

The Potato and Corn Festival is certainly a weekend chock full of events ~ we had a blast!

           Have a blessed week,

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