Thursday, April 9, 2015

Great News!

Hi All! Hope your week is moving along nicely!

Some of you who have visited before might be aware that during Christmas I was laid off from my job of 14 years. This was a shock and a blessing as I was not happy there any longer. Even though it seemed like the rug was pulled out from under me, I knew this was going to be the start of something new for me, I just didn't know what. My gut also told me that somehow things would work out and it would be better than before.

Guess what......

This week I got word that I was selected for a position in a company I was really hoping to get in.

Yippee!!!! (insert Jumping for joy!)

A good friend of mine currently works at this company and she gave me the lead. Come to find out the company consists of people that I worked with in the past (before I started in the graphics field) so we are talking over 15 years ago. After college I started in the pharmaceutical arena working for Bayer in clinical research. During my time at Bayer I was trained as a graphic designer. I spent 9 years there and left to work for the graphics company I was laid off from.

It is so funny how life comes full circle. I am blessed that this opportunity came along. The founder of the company was my mentor when I was a Bayer (small world, huh?). This has turned out to be my blessing in disguise. The vibe I received when I went to interview and meet everyone at this company was amazing. Everyone loves working there, they are family oriented and truly believe in work/life balance. They also invest in their employees and will develop and promote you to your full potential. I feel like I struck gold.

I know this is the path I have been praying for that will get me and the Hubby to where we eventually want to lay down roots. Sometimes it is hard to keep the faith, to keep your head up when you feel beaten down. I am so blessed to have a Hubby and Parents who are there for me, to pick me up, to encourage and push me to my full potential. I could not have done this without them.

I know I had a plethora of prayers being sent my way for a new and better opportunity to come my way. I thank each and everyone of you, as I am truly on to bigger and better things.

       Have a blessed day!


  1. This is such wonderful news Luanne! I can sense your excitement in your post, and I'm sure this will be a great opportunity for you. It sounds tailored made for you! Congratulations!!