Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Touches to the Front Yard

Hey Everybody, I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I spent Saturday organizing my craft supply area and Sunday doing odds and ends.

This post is a little late, it has been in the works but the weather and my little Otis's surgery delayed me on finishing this one up.
Two weekends ago we did a little work to our front yard. Even though we live in a condo there are still things we like to do... like decorate for the season. After removing the dead lilies and garden containers with flowers that have seen better days, it was time to start adding some fall touches. The hubby and I went to a local a farm Geremia in Wallingford, CT. There we bought mums, gourds and pumpkins. They also had fresh baked cookies coming right out of the oven, so you know some made their way home with us. Oh boy, were they yummy. 

For the center of the yard we put together a big ole pumpkin, a potted mum plant, and smaller gourds. 

To the right of our walkway we put another potted mum, pumpkin and a metal sign we picked up at the Christmas Tree Shop (don't you just love a bargain). 

A little further up the walkway, on the left, I have my wooden cart (read about where I found it here). Can I tell you just how much I love this cart... Tons. No, I'm not kidding, everytime I come home and see it, I smile. (I am already thinking up ideas to use it in my Christmas decor). I filled the cart with hay, added a basket filled with plastic apples (bought from Amazon) and more gourds and a pumpkin. 

Now for the front porch. 

To the left of the door on my jack-o'-lantern mason jars (see how I made them here). 

Our front door has a leaf wreath. 

To the right of the door is wooden create with a pumpkin, some artificial leaves, and my milk bottle carrying crate with a milk bottle holding a bunch of leaves (read where I bought it here). 

Above that we have a decorative wooden rake that hangs along the door.

And last but not least a place for the birdies, tho none have made it home yet, a pumpkin bird house. We got that one a few years ago at the Christmas Tree Shop.

I can not believe we are already into November, in a few short weeks it time to set up Christmas decorations. But lets not think about that and enjoy what we have left of fall.

 How have you decorated you front yard for fall? 


  1. Wow! Your home is just adorable with all those lovely fall decors you've put up. Winter is coming in real fast and the decor transition is inevitable, but I'm pretty sure you'll do just as wonderfully for the next decorating season. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures! Wishing you all the best!

    Gwendolyn Reyes @ Tapestry

    1. Thank so much Gwendolyn for the lovely comment and for stopping by and visiting. The fall season is way too short for me. Next week I start with Christmas decorations, can you believe it. Have a great day!