Monday, November 24, 2014

A Subtle Change with Paint

Hi All! I hope you had a great weekend. Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I can't believe it's this week, seems like time passes faster and faster as you get older. Please make it stop!

This weekend was a busy one for us, we painted our entire downstairs which consist of an entryway, living room and dining room combination. It is about 500 square feet. Wow, painting is REALLY exhausting, especially when you have to move around furniture. It was like a chess match move this here so we can paint there. Now move it back to get to the next section.

Saturday night the Hubby and I had backaches from all the bending and stretching. Since I wasn't about to cooking we ordered pizza for dinner. And had Advil for We did managed to get about 80% done on Saturday and finished up the remaining two walls on Sunday. Oh my word, do I love the difference. The rooms feel so much more cozier!

Here is our before picture of the living room with our cream walls. 

And now here's the after... 

Did you notice the subtle difference? The wall color on either side of the fireplace was changed to tan. It is called Tiramisu Cream by Behr. Who would've guessed a little paint color can make such a difference. I feel like I am sitting in a new room. The actual color is a tad darker than it appears in the picture, I was battling with the light streaming through our sliders.

So tell me, what projects have you transformed with paint?


  1. It may be subtle, but it's very effective! The warmth of the paint color goes nicely with the sofas. Now have a 'real' dessert for your efforts ;).

    1. Doreen, thank you so much for stopping by and the thoughtful comment. I am still in love with how the paint color turned out, it make the room so much warmer. My Hubby and I did indulge in a "real" dessert on Sunday night.... ice cream!!! Yum. Hope you stop back for a visit.