Friday, November 7, 2014

Surgery for our Sir Puppy Paws

Happy Friday Y'All!
I am forgoing Friday's Fancy today to tell you about the week we had with our puppy, Otis.

Last Wednesday (10/29), Otis, had his yearly preventative care visit. When we arrived at the office we found out that Otis was the Preventative Care Pet of the Day and he received a certificate for a free nail clipping... Sweet! 

During the visit we discussed some growths on his skin, nothing serious (sebaceous cysts), but there was one on his front left paw she was concerned about, it looked like a basal cell tumor. She recommended that Otis have surgery to remove it and while he was under she would remove the other cysts and a fatty tumor that developed between his chest and belly if we like. We asked her opinion and she felt since he was already in surgery why not take care of the all, we felt the same.

Let me just say here that Otis is doing great. 

Friday was a long day, I dropped him of at 7:30 am and went to work. It was hard to concentrate since my mind wandered thinking of Otis. I watched the hours tick by with no call from the Vet. By 3:00, not hearing from the Vet, I couldn't take it anymore so I called. He was in surgery and doing well. Thank goodness, I had anxiety about how he would handle the anesthesia, with him being 7 years old. (The Hubby refused to call me all day afraid of hearing bad news). At 4 o'clock she called that Otis was recovering and doing well. They did take off more cysts than we discussed, 12 total and the fatty tumor. That is 13 sets of stitches. My word, my poor little puppy. 

We were able to pick him up that day at 6:30 pm. They had to take us into a treatment room to give us the discharge instructions. He was coming home with antibiotics, pain medicine, and thyroid medication. When they did his complete blood work-up they discovered he has hypothyroidism, which is something since he is a hyper puppy. The Vet said being hyper is unusual, if you knew our Otis you wouldn't be surprised because he has never been a typical puppy. The Vet did state that this could be why he developed the sebaceous cysts and gained a little weight

When they brought him into the room he was so happy to see us and we were very thankful to see him. Then we saw the stitches, oh the stitches, he looked like a little frank-n-puppy (ironic since it was Halloween).  Here is the breakdown of all the stitches: 4 on the head, 1 on the neck, 3 on the back, 1 on the front right leg, 2 on the front left leg, 1 on his back left thighs, and finally his belly. And to top it off he was wearing a cone and bumping into everything (he wouldn't stay still long enough to get a picture of him wearing the cone)

He bounced back instantly once he arrived home. He couldn't wait to eat and drink, which we had to hold off an hour. He was so over tired, but like a little kid, he would fight it. 

This tiredness did not last long by Sunday the "Can I have a Cookie Face" was back!

We heard from the Vet on Tuesday and the test came back from the biopsy, it was not a basal cell tumor but only a sebaceous cysts. YEAH!!!!!

And here we are a week later and he is doing great. Stitches come out on Wednesday. His hair is already filling in. The Hubby and I are both grateful everything turned out great. 

We received so many prayers and well wishes for Otis, the Hubby and I are very thankful for each and everyone!

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  1. Otis is so handsome! 'Glad he feels better! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures