Tuesday, June 23, 2015

a Peek into my Garden

Hi Friends! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. 

Our weekend was low key, which is always welcoming at time. It is great not to have anything planned. We did had some crazy weather here, hot, humid and torrential downpours. 

But that didn't stop Otis from enjoying a cool Italian ice.

He also got a haircut on Friday, so he is prepared for the hot weather. 

My garden is starting to pop. My front area is always last to bloom, in our complex, since it is shaded in the morning. I thought I would share with you a few a glimpses into my garden. My lilies are ready to burst, I am hoping any day now. Once they do I will be sure to capture more pictures  and give you an update. But for now here is just a sampling...

To show a little patriotism we added a tin flag this year.

This is one of my biggest scores from the Elephant Trunk. (you can read about the adventure here)
Can you believe I scored this milk jug for only $15.00?!?!

We already have a tomato on one of our plants. We only have 2 plants this year.
Cute isn't it. 

And we have a flower on the another plant. 
Oh boy, we can not wait for the taste of home grown tomatoes. There is nothing better. 

Last but not least, here is a peak at our front door.
That is all for now. Once everything has bloomed I will be back to give you the grand tour.

        Have an excellent week!

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  1. Otis is so precious! So glad to see he's doing well.

    Your garden is indeed popping! This the season!

    Enjoy your weekend Luanne.