Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Being Good at Hobby Lobby

Hi Everyone! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. We had a pretty low key weekend here, though I did not get any crafting done... Oh well there is always another time. 

I did get to scratch an inch that I had... I made a trip to my beloved Hobby Lobby! 

I must confess, I have to limit my visits so I am not spending all our hard earned money... lol. I haven't made a visit in over a month, so Saturday was the day. I did have a small list and really stuck to it (it was hard, oh so hard), but that didn't stop me from walking the entire store snapping some pictures of items that caught my eye (for future reference, of course). 

The first item is a desk of drawers for your counter top. I could just see this in my "future craft room" storing all kind of do dads.

Next was the sign department. I just love the color red, so anything with that color catches my eye.

This one would be great for a kitchen wall

I am looking for something new to hang above my bed, this just caught my eye... sigh!

Now this is my favorite type of sign to see at Hobby Lobby...

Now doesn't that make you all happy and giddy!!!!

These next item were part of the 50% off....

This tin garden art sculptures were just precious.

These next 2 items are made of entirely of paper... amazing!

And these next 2 items were 70% off... If I only had a place for them they would have come home with me in an instant.

Drum roll please...

This is my small haul...
2 craft boards (I am going to build myself a wooden paper clip holder for my work desk), 2 rolls of ribbon, and clips for another project I am working on (more details to come on this one). 

See I was a very good girl sticking to my list. Tho, I can't say I will be as good next time!

Have a great week!

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  1. Girl, you have tremendous discipline! LOL. Your Hobby Lobby looks a lot like mine. Aren't we blessed to be given so many 50% offs? Have a great week.