Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Garden Stakes

Hi All! Hope you enjoyed your weekend. 

The Hubby and I got plenty done. On my way home Friday, I stopped at the Home Depot and picked up mulch for our front yard. When I got home the Hubby and I unloaded the car and I mentioned I might weed before dinner to get a jump on things. Before you could blink an eye, we weeded and put down all the mulch in only an hour. We were excited that we got it all done and did not have to worry about it on Saturday. We make such a great team!

On Saturday we did our BJs run to stock up on paper goods and snacks. Since BJs is in a plaza we hit a few other stores. For lunch we dined at the Olive Garden... Yum, we just love the salad and breadsticks. By the time we were done with all our errands the car was loaded. The worst part of it - going home, unloading the car and putting things away. We were glad we got all the errands done and we could now kick back and relax.

Sunday here in CT was simply gorgeous, low 70s with no humidity. A perfect day! I was in the house clean when I said to myself, "what are you doing inside?". So, I actually stopped cleaning the house to sit on my front porch and enjoy the perfect weather. The housework will always be there waiting, but the cool, dry days of spring will soon be ending. I spent a peaceful hour and a half with Otis, just enjoying the sounds of the birds and our wind chimes. The Hubby spent his time waxing the car (he is just like my Dad, spending his free time working on the car).

Today I wanted to follow up with you on my Urban Herb Garden and give you a quick and easy tutorial on how I made my garden stakes. 

Here are my supplies:
  • Popcicle Sticks
  • Chalk Paint in White
  • Sharpie in Black

I first painted both side of the sticks with the white chalk paint. I didn't paint all the way to the bottom since this part will be hidden in the dirt.

I then took my Sharpie and wrote on each stick the name of the herb.

That is it! Simple and Easy!

Now I headed outside to put them into action...

What do you use as stakes in your garden?

Have a fantabulous day!

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  1. I lost my garden journal haven't a clue where I put it. Perhaps if I did this out in my flowers I would remember what was what, lol...