Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Established Sign

Hiddy Ho Friends!  Here in New England we made it through yet another snow storm. We have another small one coming through tomorrow afternoon. Then we will be bracing ourselves for some down right frigid temperatures. Our normal temps should be around 35 degrees, this weekend day time temperatures are expected to be 2 – 10 degrees with an over night temperature of -5 – -10. 

Holy cow will someone shut the window it is getting cold in here! 

Today I am sharing with you a project I have wanted to do for a long time. Ever since I starting browsing around Pinterest I have come across Established Signs. I love them! I had to make one and I knew this would be a perfect project for my Silhouette Machine. I also knew exactly where I would hang it, the wall you face as you enter our home.

I know I wanted to use some sort of frame, so I began searching for the perfect frame. I looked high and low, many different store, none caught my eye. I have been looking for months. Then last week while strolling around in Hobby Lobby I went through their clearance aisles. There it was, the PERFECT frame. It was like a light shining down from heaven, I might of even heard angels singing... lol. 

Isn't she a beauty!!! Red being my favorite color and it has just the right amount of rustic touches!

Now my work began, I measure the inside of the frame so I could figure out how I wanted to layout our names. Once this was done I printed it on my Silhouette Machine in red sticky vinyl.

I then put down some blue painters tape so I had a way of lining up the printed vinyl so it was centered.
Next was to lay down the graphic. 
Then I applied pressure, with a plastic scraper, to the back to adhere the letters to the frame and peeled off the backing.

Are you ready...

Here it is...

Beautiful, right? 

This project was well worth the time it took to find the frame. Now all there is left to do is for the Hubby to hang it. 

If you follow me on Instagram I will post the final picture there.

Have a great hump day!

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