Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Patriotic Mason Jars

With 4th of July nearly upon us, I had a few mason jars hanging around. And decided to create a patriotic centerpiece for myself and a caddy for my Mom.

I started with some one pint mason jars.

 I took 6 mason jars and painted 4 white and 2 blue. 
Remember I am doing 2 sets, for 1 set you will need 3 mason jars, painting 2 white and 1 blue.

 On the white mason jars I taped off stripes

and painted them red.

 On the blue jar I used a star stamp to create white stars.

Once dried I spray painted them with 2 coats of satin enamel. 

You can add flowers for a centerpiece.

Combined the jars with a DIY wooden toolbox (see how I made it here) to create a caddy.
This is the version I sent to Mom. She loved it!

Once done with the caddy you can add flowers for a decorative display.

 Have a red, white and blue day!


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