Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Front Porch Musings

Hey There!
I must admit I have a love for front porches. 
There is something about a front porch that says "welcome, come sit awhile and chat." 

I guess my love for porches goes back to my childhood. My grandma and grandpa had a front porch, which was screened in. It was a favorite spot in the whole house. As kids we would play board games out on the porch and sometimes if we were lucky during the holidays the "kids table" would be on the front porch. Oh that was living, we felt like kings. 

Sunday dinners were usually at grandma and grandpa's and after the meal we would make our way to the front porch. It was a place where you could just sit and watch the world go by. A place where life slowed down and you could appreciate your time together. Conversations just happened and an occasionally neighbor might stop by to chat. Back when I was a kid there wasn't all these handheld electronics, you visited, you spent quality time with each other. My best memories are sitting around on that front porch listening to my grandparents tell stories of the old days. Of how they met, their courtship, and what life was like back then. I wouldn't trade those times for a million dollars, they helped instill in me family love and values that have made me the person I am today.

I guess that is why the front porch holds such a special place in my heart, so many warm and happy memories. One day I hope when my Hubby And I buy our forever home it is Blessed with a Front Porch. Until then, I can remember and I can dream of the times spent on a front porch. 

Here are a few porches that make me sigh...




 This is a back porch, but it is magnificent

 Can you just see yourself sitting on one of these porches drinking some sweet tea?
I sure can!

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