Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pretting Up a Dog Food Bin

Since my first successful project with my a Silhouette, a vegetable basket. I figured I would step it up a notch and spruce up Otis's dry food bin. If you have a dog like me then you know you need a place to store the dry food. Most containers are unattractive, unless you spend a pretty penny. We've had this container from the day he came home back on 2007. As you can see it is just a generic container. 

Pretty blah isn't it? 

Do I hear "this is a job for my new Silhouette machine?"... I think I do! 

I downloaded a black and white image of a cocker spaniels face, and typed his name and the Grub Hub and printed them on black adhesive vinyl. I then drew a large dog bone, typed the word Yummo and printed them on red adhesive vinyl. Applied the graphics to the bin and wala a designer food bin. 

What have you done to spruce up your pets paraphernalia?

Have a Great Day!

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