Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Hi All!  I had a fantastic time with my parents over the holidays. I hope you were as blessed as me and was able to also enjoy time with your family and friends. 

Tho, I love the holidays and decorating, there is something about taking them all down I find exhilarating. I love the feeling of  "extra" space that appears in the room, like it almost doubles in size. I love the feeling of a blank canvas, where new design ideas are imagined. I love the way I can change things up for the new year, giving an old piece a new look. 

I will be spending my first week of the new year doing just that, putting the decorations away and reimagining our space. I will keep you posted on my progress, so come on back. 

How do you decorate your home after the holidays?

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!


  1. I'll be doing the same thing. Enjoyed perusing your crafts, expecially pinecones and pillows. Have a great weekend.

  2. I couldn't agree more Luanne! There is definitely something liberating about taking down decorations. Sometimes I've been known to do it the day after Christmas. lol

    Happy New Year!